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Beth Ford

I am a firm believer in the power of automation and I guide and facilitate in-house software development for the accounting and tax payment functions.

I have been instrumental in offering "Transparency in Government" as I guide the office into an on-line
banking service environment for Pima County agencies. As a result of those improvements, I have reduced operating costs, while expanding services.

Some of my accomplishments as Pima County Treasurer

  • Increased operating efficiencies and effectiveness from successful relationships with other Pima County agencies.

  • Improved procedural changes through automation.  We currently process 95% of our tax payments through automation.

  • Developed Pima County's own information and tax collection system and continues to oversee on-going improvements.

  • Developed an investment program consistently generating additional income for Pima County's political subdivisions that would have otherwise been raised through taxes. Our portfolio consistently surpasses our benchmark.

. Beth Ford for Pima County Treasurer